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Photographer passionate, I combine my work with my passions: sports, mountains, ocean. What I love most about photography? Freezing moments that capture genuine emotions and movement.

This website is my visual playground, showcasing my work in hopes that it sparks the desire in you to have me as your photographer.

Feel free to reach out for any inquiries in the 3 Valleys! I'm here for all your needs: Whether it's to capture the essence of your skiing prowess, a day spent with family or friends or a professional project. Let's discuss and turn moments into unique tangible memories for you!

My collaborations: Geneva Triathlon, LG Trail, SupernaturalClub, RunMate, 20km of Geneva, BePopCorn, BrioMaté...

Your needs ?

  • Photo reportage out there in the mountains
  • Document your skiing prowess
  • Document a happy and unforgettable day/week in Les 3 Vallées
  • Promote your products with unique pictures, showing movement and emotions





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+33 7 83 66 11 46


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